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Sort requests require paging or else you'll get a size limit exceeded if you have too many results. If you don't use the ToPage method in conjunction with an OrderBy / OrderByDescending, I create a page request behind the scenes that will use the ServerMaxPageSize from LdapConfiguration. Here's a basic example:

IQueryable<User> users = context.Query<User>()
    .Where(u => u.SamAccountName = "jdoe")
    .OrderByDescending(u => u.LastName)
    .Select(u => new User {CommonName = u.CommonName, FirstName = u.FirstName, LastName = u.LastName});

When performing a server side sort, I highly recommend you include a filter to narrow the results for the server to sort. If the sort is not successful I throw an LdapException indicating the reason for the failure. Most likely it will be "UnqillingToPerform".

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